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Join us ESPCOP 3rd OFA Meeting

3h ofa meeting




Friday November 8th           

3rd OFA meeting and inflammation

13:15 Start registration
13:45 Welcome J P Mulier
14:00-14:30 The place of OFA in the ERAS protocol: L Debaerdemaeker
14:30-14:40 First experience in changing from OA to OFA in bariatric surgery. Matthieu Clanet. 
14:40-14:50 Live report from a patient comparing OFA with OA 
Echo’s from the clinical research team
14:50-15:05 Impact of OFA versus opioids on oxygenation after bariatric surgery  Lieselot Geerts & Eliza Jarahyan
15:05-15:20 Impact of OFA versus opioids on diepflap perfusion and recovery Florian Vanhoorebeeck  &  Lara Benmeridja 
15:20-15:35 Impact of OFA versus opioids on recovery after minimal invasive total hip surgery Christophe Korthoudt
15:35-15:45 Q & A
15:45-16:15 coffee break
Opioids inflammation and surgical stress
16:15-16:45 Impact of Systemic Inflammatory Response syndrome on cognitive dysfunction and the value of OFA. Jean Pierre Estebe
16:45-17:15 Laparoscopic inflammation and how to prevent it   P Koninckx
17:15-17:45 Low impact laparoscopy and OFA  J P Mulier
17:45-18:00 Questions round table discussion.
18:00 Reception and walking dinner
20:00 History of 75 years of balanced anaesthesia: Why did we not listen to Cecile Gray’s warning 60 years ago?  Jan Mulier


Saturday November 9th

The 10th ESPCOP meeting

Do we follow our guidelines related to anesthesia and obesity?

7:30 Start registration
8:00-08:15 Introduction.  ESPCOP 10 years   Luc De Baerdemaeker  
8:15-09:00 What remains valid from the ERAS recommendations in obesity? Thomas Gaszynski.  
9:00-9:45 What remains valid from the consensus meeting on OSAS and bariatric surgery?  Mike Margarson
9:45-10:30 Do we have to change our ventilation mode today since the LPV consensus meeting? Martin Girard 
10:30-11:00 Is the future Flow controlled Ventilation (FCV)?  Dietmar Enk
11:00-11:30 Coffee break
11:00-11:40 Key points of ESPCOP of the last 10 years Daniela Godoroja
11:40-12:20 Oxygen and Obesity   Luc De Baerdemaeker
12:20-12:50 Monitoring and preventing Surgical stress peri operative. V Martinez
12:50-13:10 Conclusion: The perfect sleeve & gastric bypass protocol today? J P Mulier
13:15 Lunch



Meeting directors: Jan Mulier, Luc Debaerdemaeker
Date: November 8-9th2019 (from Friday 14:00 till Saturday 14:00)
Venue: VIVES, Xaverianenstraat 10, Bruges, Belgium
Inscription by email:

Friday: 160 euro. Saturday: 140 euro. Friday+Saturday: 280 euro.
Residents: Friday: 120 euro. Saturday: 100 euro. Friday+Saturday: 180 euro
Including dinner on Friday (evening) and on Saturday (noon)



November 8th 2019
Congress fee ( includes participation, break and dinner)
Physicians: 160€ - Register


Nurses & Trainees: 120€ - Register
Account number BE09 3800 1841 8957 – BIC BBRUBEBB of the ‘ESPCOP Anesthesie’
Reference: 3rd OFA Meeting + <<your name>>
3rd OFA meeting + 10th ESPCOP Meeting
REGISTRATION 10th  Anniversary ESPCOP Meeting
November 9th 2019
Congress fee ( includes participation, break and lunch) 
Physicians: 140€ - Register


Nurses & Trainees: 100€ - Register
Account number BE09 3800 1841 8957 – BIC BBRUBEBB of the ‘ESPCOP Anesthesie’
Reference: 10th ESPCOP Meeting + <<your name>>
Physicians: 280€ - Register


Nurses & Trainees:180€ - Register
Account number BE09 3800 1841 8957 – BIC BBRUBEBB of the ‘ESPCOP Anesthesie’
Reference: 10th ESPCOP/OFA Meeting + <<your name>>