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Anaesthesia for the Morbidly Obese Patient - Key Issues

Euroanaesthesia 2019

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Scientific programme - details -


Co-ordinators: Luc De Baerdemaeker;

Mike Margarson;


Capacity – 100 places

Target audience: Both trainee and established specialist doctors with an interest in providing safer anaesthesia for the Morbidly Obese Patient.



Learning objectives:


This course will cover the fundamental topics on obesity and anaesthesia. It involves understanding disease processes and consequences, the impact of obesity on the cardiovascular, respiratory system and on the pharmacology of anaesthetic drugs. Other topics covered will include:  The metabolic syndrome, OSAS/OHS, fasting guidelines, preoperative assessment and risk reduction strategies, airway and ventilation issues, postoperative analgesia and regional anaesthesia.





 09.15-10.05  Introduction & Background

  • Anaesthetic disasters and obesity: The Ten Top Tips.. J Cousins  15
  • BMI & Fat Distribution  M Margarson  15
  • Drug Dosing in the Morbidly Obese L De Baerdemaeker 15
  • Questions and discussion     5


10.10-11.00  The Impact of Obesity

  • The Metabolic Syndrome H Thompson  15
  • Cardiovascular Effects of Obesity T Wojcikiewicz  15
  • Respiratory Effects of Obesity J Leyden  15
  • Questions and discussion    5




11.30-12.20  Sleep Apnoea

  • Pathophysiology and Mechanisms M Margarson  15
  • Screening and Treatment H Thompson  15
  • Perioperative approach & pitfalls in OSAS J Mulier  15
  • Questions and discussion    5


12.20-13.10  Pre-operative assessment to reduce risk

  • Cardiac Risk and Assessment T Wojcikiewicz  15
  • The Anaesthetist & the MDT: Risk-benefit judgements M Margarson  15
  • Fasting Guidelines in the Obese L De Baerdemaeker 15
  • Questions and discussion    5


13.10-14.00  LUNCH

14.00-15.00  Airways and Ventilation

  • How to safely intubate and extubate the obese patient D Godoroja  15
  • Pulmonary mechanics and ventilation in the obese J Leyden  15
  • The pneumoperitoneum J Mulier  15
  • Post-op care & Thromboprophylaxis J Cousins  15



15.15-16.00  Anaesthetic systems & special cases

  • The use of ultrasound in the obese D Godoroja  15
  • The Ideal Analgesic technique? M Margarson  15
  • The Ideal Anaesthetic technique? J Cousins  15

16:00-16:30 : Questions and answers:

  • Q&A  Kahoot session H Thompson  20
  • Summing up L De Baerdemaeker   5





LdB - Luc De Baerdemaeker Gent, Belgium

TW - Tom Wojcikiewicz Guy’s Hospital, UK

JC - Jonathan Cousins Imperial London, UK

HT - Harry Thompson Harrow, UK

DG - Daniela Godoroja Bucharest, Romania

MM - Mike Margarson Chichester, UK

JM - Jan Mulier Brugge, Belgium

RS - John Leyden Sydney, Australia