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B.E.S.T. Meeting Anesthesia Parallel Session


ESPCOP Best meeting              BEST meeting

What the bariatric surgeon should know about anesthesia and what the bariatric anesthesiologist should do to improve the surgical outcome.

A Parallel session during the B.E.S.T. meeting Bruges
Venue: Concertgebouw Bruges Studio 1, t’Zand 34 8000 Brugge (Parking t’Zand)
Monday December 3th 2018 late afternoon


17:30 Welcome
18:00 Prof L Debaerdemaeker - Key points in the preparation of a bariatric patient
18:30 Prof J Mulier - New points in achieving sufficient laparoscopic workspace without peritoneal ischemia
19:00 Prof L Debaerdemaeker - Critical points to manage a sleeve, a bypass or a conversion procedure
19:30 Prof J Mulier - Important points in reducing post op leaks and bleeding


Account number BE09 3800 1841 8957 - BIC BBRUBEBB of the ‘ESPCOP Anesthesie’

Reference: ESPCOP BEST MEETING + <your name>